Friday, March 31, 2017


Another country checked into our travel list with footprints left onto Kuwait this time, a super oil-rich country with world strongest currency. Yes you read us right; Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest valued currency in the modern human civilization across the entire planet earth.

There are many interesting facts about Kuwait; we picked a few for general impressions:

1. 70% of the population are expatriates
2. Fourth highest income per capita backed with world sixth largest oil reserves
3. 60 degree Celsius during summer
4. No compulsory Islamic dress code

The last point is particularly interesting, Kuwaitis are therefore flashing devotion into fashions, turning their nation into borderless land of creativity. We see such positive impact into their lifestyle, the architectures, the building interior designs and many more.

This is a progressive Kuwait, a modern Kuwait, a nation we’ve not read much about her transformation through mainstream international medias post Iraq invasion 1990. The educational journey into this beautiful country opened our eyes, we’re just humble to present our observations into photos format for sharing purposes, hope you like them.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Have you ever experience hearing constant sound whispering to your ear so closely, so persistent and so loud encouraging you to have at least an adventure in a lifetime. So much so you found no strength for rejection, that you promised to yourself you should at least fulfill that wish from the whispering sound at least once in a lifetime.

We therefore packed the bag, inserted the photography gears with boarding pass in hand and embarked into once in a lifetime destination for adventure – CAIRO.

This is the metropolitan with estimated population of 20 million, the 15th largest city in the world. It was in that city we encountered confrontation from a group of men and received a cursed from a woman in another occasion for street photography. It was also in that very city we obtained the most beautiful welcoming smiles on street for photography.

Experience to Cairo was mixed with different layers of exposures, as the city offers the Gray and the Bright sides in tandem to travelers’ perspectives.

Both bomb attacks on 9th and 11th killed six and thirty lives respectively frighten the travelers with Gray presentation. However, the Bright presenter took over the scene to convince the world that Cairo is highly capable to stabilise the situation swiftly, that peoples living in Cairo are resilient to live a normal life.

This is a beautiful adventure in a beautiful ancient city with experience we will never forget. We hope you treasure the photos captured just like the way we do.

Thank you CAIRO.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


We have heard so much exquisite stories about this stunning-shinny small country located in the Arabian Gulf, about her rich cultures, about her super friendly peoples, about her openness as beacon of finance in the Middle East, and many more.

Nothing comparable to the experience to finally touch down, getting involve to attest those good stories heard within the 10-day memorable trip. The journey exposed us, the traveler, with different layers of experience, seeing this country from many perspectives. 

We were lucky to be able to learn about her past being the site of ancient Dilmun civilization. A nation who went through mega transformation processes, from her humble start, relying on Perling industry into a wealthy land since the discovery of oil in year 1932.

Its capital city, Manama, is the financial & banking hub of the entire gulf region, similar to London in Europe and Hong Kong in the Eastern region. 

We hope you enjoy the phototour around Bahrain through our tiny lens.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Melbourne diary

If the young generation haven’t had a chance to write diary as we did in 80’s, forget about the writing stuffs, photograph is the best form for diary nowadays.

Check this out.

World Most Livable City – Melbourne

It was winter with recorded temperature of just a mere 3 degree Celsius the moment we touched down in the early morning. Despite frequent downpours during the period of our stay, occasional sunshine gave tremendous opportunities to explore this charming city, from food to fashions, from neighboring parks to the attractive beaches and zoos.

There’s only this impression we trust most of the travelers would have – this is truly the most livable city in the world!