Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GoodBye 2011

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2011 means a lot to us, not because with the official launch of in July (refer here), but more to the fun, excitements and satisfactions in the field of conceptual art photography. Looking back, we could never have guessed we formed some 30 albums in just 8 months. Our production rate is equivalent to approximately 1 album per week, we think the pace is remarkable.
In a more specific statistic, we captured exactly 18 models for 21 albums, 2 lovely couples, 5 albums under photojournalism category and taken a leap from portraiture into capturing wedding moments with 2 albums produced right at the end of the year.
Despite the awesome hectic year, 2011 has been truly rewarding. Here are the summary of our all-yearly art-works at a glance.

Wedding Belles

#1 [Sara + Charles] Grand Fiesta – Magnificent wedding fiesta with enormous funs and laughs captured in November. Click here to view full album collection.

#2 [WeiChai + ShiauWan] – An actual wedding day celebrated emphasizing on the value of simplicity with their moments captured in November. Click here to view full album collection.

#1 JERRISLLA – Sweet loving couple portraiture photographed at their uniquely studio alike apartment sometime back in June.  

#2 SHEERLANDO – Taken in July with Sheerlie and Roland’s park dating moments captured by our lens. Click here to view full album collection.

Conceptual-Art Portraitures
#1 MUSHCOLNY – This soft massaging toy brought all over from Bangkok seems to enjoy posing at balcony in month April.

#2 Toilet Story – Our very first homo sapiens model with washroom actions brought some fresh conceptual-art photography into scene.

#3 MUSHBATHY – Ain’t enough with balcony shots, here’s the other round of mushroomhead art performance, washroom again.

#4 EYEN.LIM – Bedroom can be turned into mini fit-for-purpose studio with Eyen’s presentations, framed sometime in May. As for record, this is our first female model.

#5 Nicholas Wah – A shy-courteous pupil alike Nicholas show to the world his enthusiasm mixing with greens. Love the nature, love the earth.

#6 MachoWee – Mr. Wee demonstrates infront of the frame with awesome athlete fashions. There’s no reason to save the shutter in this circumstance.

#7 DYLAN – This album was generated under a hotel room ambient with gentleman Dylan after his hectic business day.

#8 ROLANDO – Fun & full-of-life Roland has no apprehension to pose under mid-day hot sun. Sweat is beatable!

#9 THIEW – One of the most challenging session we’ve ever undertaken. Photographed back in June, we love the energy revealed by their little toddler.

#10 SNOWRIDERS – This is why the camera is invented for. Kent & Mike’s wonderful snowriding actions were well detained. Click here to see their actions.

#11 AMBER – Amber was 4 months 2 days when we took-up this assignment in August. Such a lovely baby! See her more by clicking here.

#12 MANZ – This album is composed under artistic theme of black & white. The result is pleasing in our opinion. Let us know if you’ve any more comment by viewing the full album via here.

#13 NONAME – The first female duet in our photography history, so far. The album is all about mood presentation in the fantasy world of being young. Check this out through here.

#14 PAULiNa – Click here to get some sights of her sexy, wild & cute poses. Think you’ll like her.

#15 WENDY – Wendy has the smile and eyes able to melt one’s heart, we deeply impressed! Come on, give her a big round of applaud and observe her performance stopping by here please.

#16 SANDRA I [GREEN-TALK] – This is the most humorous portraiture we’ve ever produced. Sandra’s actions duo with green wall were well enclosed into photo format. Click here to view more green actions.

#17 SANDRA II [STREET -TALK] – Comical Sandra coupled with enormous street acts resulted a truly unique conceptual art. See her acts here if you haven’t done so.

#18 SANDRA III [COFFEE -TALK] – A fruitful September with this unique production. Again, a sincere thanks to Sandra, you’re the best! See her coffee table expressions in here please.

#19 THHIA ABBY – The entire photography session was taken under tropical rain with strong blows! What a day! Thhia’s salsa and bouncy dancing-act pleased our lens, very much, truly. This link will bring you into her album.

#20 DAYANG – This is one of the best album we composed this year. Get a step closer to this born to be photographed Dayang through here.

#21 VINAY – A special gift compiled and dedicated for our passionate photographer all the way from Bangalore, India. Available for your viewing pleasure at here.

#1 RainVatar – Malaysia is blessed with rich tropical rainforest benefited from unwavering rainfall. This album is an inspiration from the box-office movie. We hope the entire album is presented as close as to the real AVATAR.

#2 ORIENTAL – Café (kopitiam in Malaysian-Chinese term) kitchen is often very much like an abundant child in customers’ perspective. We’re honoured to document the typical Chinese run kitchen operation into photos form.

#3 PRAYERS [RESPECT] – One of the breakthroughs in all of the photojournalism series we produced, remain as our favourite until today. We would certainly love to play a more active role in such event for the upcoming years.

#4 MAGNETICA – This is the snapshots done in May for a variety of fridge magnets brought from all the countries we put our steps onto. Our collections grow as time goes by. You may expect more of this coming soon in near future.

#5 MODELISS – We see quite some room for improvement at the end of this task. However, the process we experienced was beyond doubt invaluable. We learned.

All in all, we’re proud of the milestones achieved thus far and eagerly look for a more challenging year ahead. Now, we wish to have a pleasant much deserved year end break. Thanks to our mentors, peers, friends, clients and most of all, thank you to an eventful 2011, we enjoyed.

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