Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Personal Gratitude to AirAsia and

Note: The entire write-up refers to our founder's - William Lim - personal experience on flight AK6527 on Dec-10.

If AirAsia were a person, this little active toddler at the age of perfect 10 is now able to bring to the world lotsa funs!

I'm a frequent traveler and AirAsia is a mean of service where i can travel comfortably and affordably. Flight journey has always been dry, however, Dec-10 changes this dry-routine with the injection of fun and laughs. The unexpected voice from DJ through common speaker caught most AK6527 boring flight passengers with pleasant surprise. Such pleasurable DJ-passenger interaction moment was later been recognised as one of the event organised in conjunction with AirAsia 10 Awesome Years celebration.

AirAsia has all the elements identical to the way we operate

LOVE - supported Thailand tourism industry through it's thick and thin, keeping faith to Bandar Acheh subsequent of the devastating tsunami, to Japan with love campaign and many more initiatives showcased to the world, this is a corporate runs with global social responsibilities, with the heart of love.

PASSION - most Malaysians are moved with it's success story of how to transform a business with just 200 employees and only two planes carrying 200,000 guests has grown into a global corporate of about 10,000 staffs and with a fleet of 90 aircrafts carrying over 130 million guests to date in just 10 awesome years. All these wouldn't be possible without the passion of dream.

HAPPINESS - unarguably letting countless of living souls around the globe understand the meaning of happiness. Happiness in the form of being able to fly, to travel, to visit loved ones, to catch up an important occasion and many more. Happiness can also be seen on the faces of AirAsia dedicated personnel, servicing customers at pride.

CREATIVITY - Dec-10 AK6527 is one classic example among many creative events organised by AirAsia.

The following images captured impromptu on flight AK6527 freezed from seat 21F will certainly bring to me great pleasure in many years to come. Thank you AirAsia, Happy 10th Awesome Birthday, and special thanks to

Caption to photo right below: I'm honoured to answer the 1st question correctly with this: "AirAsia is 10 Awesome years old-la", and i got the red awesome cap :)

Caption to photo right below: flight cruisers capturing another winner's image.

Caption to photo right below: Clearly be seen two winners with red cap on the right-hand row.

Caption to photo right below: Excited passenger enjoying the show.

Caption to photo right below: I know the grand prize answer! I just know! but was too focus on my shutter and missed the chance.

Caption to photo right below: Here's da answer: "KL-KK was the first route operated by AirAsia." Congrats to the guy few rows infront of my lens.

Fun and laughs generated on approximately 24,000ft above sea level is simply aweeesooomeeeeee!!!!

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