Monday, June 18, 2012

Beautiful PEOPLE

We are grateful for what photography has offered through our journey of exploration. Despite some substantial focuses are framed, human [PEOPLE] is still a subject close to our heart.
Human can be so different, yet at some time we act so alike. In the end, we are just one big family living on this little planet with a scientific name call earth, as home to many. These are some of the beautiful PEOPLEs we’ve ever seen.
If you look into their eyes in detail, you may notice, everyone has a story to tell.

Monday, June 11, 2012

[Richard + Apphia] 30.05.12

Richard and Apphia have such a sense of wonder and delight in each other’s company. As long as they’re together, life will sparkle sweetly. After supporting each other through many of life’s changes, they’re a rock-solid, level-headed, caring, fun-loving couple.
Richard is such a stunning, genuine, vivacious, and sparkling gentleman; he possesses an infectious sense of fun and is seriously one of the nicest people we have ever met. Apphia is a perfect match; kind and loving, with a killer sense of humour (your on-stage speech was awesome!).
We hope you enjoy the SDE slideshow with actions captured on day hours, subsequently follow suit with photos showcasing your majestic-like dinner party.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

[ShawnLaw + WangYing] A Perfect Day

Wedding like this delighted our heart intensely. ShawnLaw and WangYing’s day was full of whimsy, beauty, wide smiles and amazing moments in every best possible way. The traditional Chinese door games saw sexy-childish dance, red-hot-board-kissing challenges and ‘contract signing ceremony’ with promises written on paper conditionally prior to enter the bride’s room.

The ‘I Do’ instant at church was an absolute moment to call this A Perfect Day. We hope the SDE slideshow composed summarises the exciting morning actions. Night banquet was as eventful as morning; scroll down further to view them all after the slideshow :)