Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Airport terminals most often tie with the public impression of ‘noisy’, ‘crowded’ or busy’. Many travelers hate to hear about flight delay; however, engineer geeks like us don’t mind getting stuck in the terminal, for a while, not too long of course.

Here are a series of compilation of scenes taken from Kuching International Airport (KIA). We find the interior building structures are aesthetically pleasing. Look, the simple panel wall glasses match perfectly with the shinny homogeneous floor tiles, generating unique reflections as the natural lights shine-in.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy ONE Year Old to

It has been 365 awe-inspiring days since went live on July-22, 2011 (refer here). As an unprecedented move through the 365-day journey, you now see an open letter first appear right here. The founder of this web has written a personal note to team WillyzPortico, as memento to further embed the core values of LOVE.PASSION.HAPPINESS.CREATIVITY in the field of conceptual-art photography.
-  Our Inspiring Arts, Your Happy Memories -


Happy one-year-old!

Time has no mercy for one who spends it unwisely. On this special day, I wish you may realize, what you’ve gone through in the past 365 days, what experience you may have now, and what you’ll be doing in many years to come, it’s all a given gift of blessing. The journey has been promising so far, but remember; don’t ever take those blessings for granted.

Flash back to the first day of your portrait session, first photojournalism assignment, and first experience to document an important day of a newlywed, as well as the first contest award you begged home, i earnestly want you to humble by it all and be thankful. 

Photography is a broad aspect of art, be who you are, who you want to be and give no time in comparing. Even said so, slow down, take a break to browse through good works by others in order to widen your perspective, be inspired. Also, please spare some quality time to read and share, as this would be a pivotal part of self learning to reach a fulfilling goal. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

The coming 365 days will be even more exciting with some plans and commitments tabled for execution. Let me humbly remind you for the pride of core culture in WillyzPortico:

Document every fabulous instant with the heart of LOVE; Be PASSIONate of what you’re doing; Retain the most gorgeous moment which brings HAPPINESS for one who view it back; and exercise conceptual CREATIVITY in every possible way.

Well done, please keep up the good pace and have fun.

William Lim

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Ryegates

Building portraits have an entirely different perspective from human portraits. The man-made structure portraits are best created from unique angles coupled with characteristics that may possibly generate an art piece with life of its own. In this album, you may find we’re exploring to make these somewhat mundane building livelier and interesting. Each building angle was crafted carefully to reflect the unique beauty of the structure. Hope the photos are captivating enough to give you a pleasant day, cheers.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cinematic Photography

There are plethoras of ways to treat a photo to give viewers some cinema-feel, by adding drama or a so-called cinematic quality. Cinematic technique has been widely applied on photographs lately with a display of frame or simply by adding the black bars above and below a photo to make it looks like taken from a movie. Our study concludes there are no definite rules about cinematic photography as of now.
Nonetheless, we may need to take note, cinematic photography is not just a matter of orientation or fancy colours display, it is not about that catchy black bar on top and bottom of the photo. There are things more important on the cinematic photography itself. Cinematic photographs must have or present strong story behind, by displaying emotions and strong expression, so it can deliver an interesting story and deep feeling into the viewers. Viewers can feel the emotion of the images and also feel the atmosphere as if they are watching a movie with a unique story experience.
So, what makes a photograph cinematic? How hard can it really be to make something look cinematic? We are giving this technique a wild try via this platform with photographs presented below, may not be perfect, hope you enjoy.