Wednesday, October 26, 2016


We have heard so much exquisite stories about this stunning-shinny small country located in the Arabian Gulf, about her rich cultures, about her super friendly peoples, about her openness as beacon of finance in the Middle East, and many more.

Nothing comparable to the experience to finally touch down, getting involve to attest those good stories heard within the 10-day memorable trip. The journey exposed us, the traveler, with different layers of experience, seeing this country from many perspectives. 

We were lucky to be able to learn about her past being the site of ancient Dilmun civilization. A nation who went through mega transformation processes, from her humble start, relying on Perling industry into a wealthy land since the discovery of oil in year 1932.

Its capital city, Manama, is the financial & banking hub of the entire gulf region, similar to London in Europe and Hong Kong in the Eastern region. 

We hope you enjoy the phototour around Bahrain through our tiny lens.